literally the madden 20 coins free only

I don’t care if they are”greedy”. I really don’t fault a company for trying to make money – that is literally the madden 20 coins free only reason that they exist and generate a product. I only need a fantastic product for my cash – and I am of the view that 2K tends to create a better product compared to EA. I agree. Say what you want about 2K being a money grab but they have completely nailed basketball and I have faith they’d do the same with football. Madden just requires some fucking competition and back when it had been both making NFL games 2K was IMO.Sure they’ve MyLeague now b/c it’s a cash cow. However they put equal effort in their equal of franchise style. The depth and attention to detail puts Madden to shame in every aspect.

Madden 20 is better than 19 but still is not anywhere close to where it ought to be. It lacks so much that additional AAA sports names and even previous Maddens have. If you’re a football fan looking to receive their fix I do recommend it but do not go in with too high of expectations. I mean reviews do not really matter to people like myself who have been playing Madden eternally but I don’t get this. Madden 19 was awful and it scored comparatively good reviews. Pretty surprised to see 20 get low testimonials as I believe Maddenplay was enhanced quite a bit this year.This is why when companies have competition, the customers win. I wish we had some choices for NFL games, but we’re stuck using EA’s game which was the same for the last 15 years give or take a feature here and there.

If you are looking at testimonials from the large gaming sites they’re likely to be greater because a lot of people believe EA pays them off and they don’t want to destroy their insider entry connection with them. I don’t have the reviews for final year available but the websites I saw that frankly reviewed 19 final year said it was awful. The ones listed here fall under the reviewers and all appear to say what I have been told that is it madden ultimate team 20 coins is better than last but still not great.

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