Why don’t people who PvP seem to indicate

I believe a better question would be, why don’t people who PvP seem to indicate more changes OSRS gold to PvP? I have seen this same idea suggested numerous times, and PKers always appear to whine, but very few ever offer comments. I have also seen some people indicate that all skilling content is eliminated from the Wilderness, but they add in more supervisors and Slayer monsters, so that everybody in the Wilderness would have reason to deliver at least SOME combat equipment regardless. The Wilderness as it’s does not seem to be very popular with runescape players, and every major upgrade to the PvP aspect of runescape tends to flop, like Bounty Hunter being taken over by bots. Runescape players which don’t PvP are tired of being used as bait, and growth time used on content that’ll be dead shortly.

Well as you can see from the other remarks, I am taking in lots of hints from all kinds of runescape players. Pvmers, pkers, non-maxed and maxed. What’s your despair with the concept? Not original commenter, but why does everything have to be so safe in this or any game? As somebody who would mostly play to do a little bit of pking back at the days before EoC, it had been the best part of runescape for me. You got the kill along with the loot and then had to risk dying carrying all of that out and not perishing to any pjers. Or the days of bounty hunter when killing whoever I wanted would put me on a three minute timer at which I couldn’t leave the crater!

Back in the day dying everywhere else on runescape would give you a minute or so to get back to location and get back your stuff, then gravestones were executed and we can get a whole damn hour or something to go get our stuff. Personally, I feel like this entire stance on keeping what safe has had its influence on the market of runescape because items aren’t lost or people are not needing to purchase things over again due to a death, in or outside of the wilderness. We now have that the RoD that makes passing completely irrelevant in high tier pvm. You’re able to take what I say and possibly think I am incorrect, but overall maintaining runescape players secure from any actual consequences for either mishaps or errors is bad game design.

It is a good point, and also my argument is that the cost of equipment nowadays. At the pre-eoc days, the most cheap RuneScape gold you’d hazard would be dclaws I think. Iirc they capped at around 25m to buy, a massive sum back then, but not nearly as much as a BIS weapon would price. Assessing of perishing in the wilderness, the price has changed from a few hours of rebuilding weeks. I also think the MMO genre completely has shifted towards milder play, less grindy and all. Likely since the main target audience has grown up and have significantly less time to actually play with runescapes. Most MMO’s runescape playerbase are 20 individuals.

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